At Ermeo, we work daily with a wide range of manufacturers, from diverse sectors of industry, to help them achieve operational excellence by standardising their business processes while creating more collaboration between their teams and with their customers.

Through our Connected Operator Platform, we provide our customers with the best possible operational experience. From improving security and field operator collaboration to increasing productivity, data quality and value, our solution enables our customers to solve their main challenges, from the simplest to the most complex.

Our History

February 2015

Creation of Ermeo by Pierre Joly, Christophe Joly and Victor Payan.

June 2016

Signature of our first contracts (SNCF and Total).

October 2016

Launch of v1 of the Connected Operator Platform.

March 2017

10 customers trust us.

March 2018

Launch raising of €2.5M with Hi Inov, Partech and Axeleo Capital.

December 2018

Ermeo is deployed at more than 30 customers on all continents. More than 25 of us work daily to develop Ermeo.  

December 2019

More than 10 million reports have been generated by field operators on Ermeo.

March 2020

50 customers trust us.

March 2021

Ermeo joins the Causeway Technologies group to create a leader in digital transformation in the industrial sector and particularly in construction in Europe.

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  • Didier Miraton, former co-Director of Michelin group and currently Pierre Fabre CEO

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