The 8 challenges of the industry sector addressed by Ermeo

8 Ermeo industry issues

The purpose of the Ermeo solution is above all to respond to the challenges faced by operators in the field, and to help them in their daily work to facilitate their tasks and eliminate those with little added value. All this while facilitating the feedback of information and its analysis by managers, who can in turn optimise the organisation of their teams. In addition to these operational impacts, our clients also see benefits on the main issues of the industry sector encountered in their company.

Meeting the challenges of the industry with Ermeo

Reduce the risk of accidents

What is the first thing you notice when you arrive at the entrance to an industrial site? Very often, a sign with a countdown "X days since the last accident". Staff safety is certainly the number one issue for any industrial group, which must protect its operators exposed to the dangers of machines, the climate, etc.

In addition to the measures implemented on the sites, such as the modification of installations or procedures, a digital solution such as Ermeo can also contribute to reducing the risk of accidents.

Ermeo allows you to ensure that your field operators respect good safety practices by including a reminder of safety rules before starting each intervention. For example, you can display the instructions for wearing PPE at the beginning of each of your forms, and make it mandatory to validate them in order to access the intervention procedure.

Ermeo PPE
Ermeo PPE

In addition, thanks to Ermeo, any anomaly identified during an inspection or maintenance round is immediately reported and passed on to the team leader, who can react very quickly by planning corrective maintenance action. This rapid reaction means that the risk of accidents can be eliminated quickly.

Improve the availability of your equipment

In addition to safety and the protection of human capital, the rapid detection and treatment of a fault has a direct impact on the availability of equipment.

The more anomalies pile up, the more likely your equipment is to fail. And the consequences of a breakdown can be truly critical for a group, leading to a slowdown in the production line, a break in a line, or even a total shutdown of the site in the worst case.

Unavailable equipment has a direct impact on a site's productivity, and therefore potentially its financial health. Too many unbudgeted repair or replacement costs can weaken your balance sheet. Delays in deliveries, or failure to meet commitments, can cost you market share or business.

For a company like Eurotunnel, the availability of equipment is truly critical: a breakdown and thousands of passengers are stranded on both sides of the Channel (see below).

Discover the Eurotunnel x Ermeo use case here :
Ermeo x Eurotunnel


Increase your operating margin

The operating margin of a group is the ratio of its operating income to its turnover.

Ermeo has a direct impact on the operating result, which is the difference between the income and expenses related to the use of production factors. With regard to operating costs, the Ermeo solution makes it possible to :

  • Reduce the preparation time of an intervention,
  • Reduce the time spent in intervention,
  • Reduce the rate of re-interventions,
  • Eliminate technician reporting time,
  • Reduce middle management reporting time.

Find out how the SNCF used Ermeo as part of its job condition assessment project, 3ETATIS :

Optimise the management of your resources

The Ermeo solution enables all anomalies to be tracked in real time, and therefore provides visibility on the actual state of the equipment. It also allows thedata collected to be used via dashboards to further analyse the situation.

Managers can thus identify the most critical installations on a daily basis, and plan team interventions according to this data. This approach makes it possible to move from a preventive maintenance logic to a predictive maintenance logic, which is much more agile and able to guarantee an optimal state of the equipment.

Optimal management of the installations creates a real virtuous circle and impacts on all the issues mentioned above.

On the human resources side, Ermeo provides managers with a centralised view of their teams' schedules. Combined with equipment status information, this functionality allows managers to define which interventions have the most impact against selected criticality criteria.

Prioritise your investments better

A detailed and accurate knowledge of the state of the equipment allows for truly informed decision-making, and therefore more impactful on a larger scale.

Obtaining a holistic view of the state of its installations is thus key to optimising the management of accounting and financial decisions: the same type of equipment often breaks down? most of the equipment from the same range has difficulty operating at full capacity? equipment from a specific brand series is difficult to repair and remains out of service for too long when incidents occur?

In this case, rather than trying to maintain defective equipment, it may be preferable to replace all similar installations that are often found to have problems.
This is a heavy investment in t0, but it will pay for itself more quickly than poor installations that require numerous interventions (and whose poor performance has a direct impact on turnover).

Focus on industry sector issues specific to service providers

Win new tenders

It's not always easy to stand out from the competition when it comes to tenders. The key to winning a mandate? Showing real added value, a strong differentiating factor compared to the other offers in the running.

For a service provider, using the Ermeo solution helps to reinforce its brand image by positioning it as a digital player, up to date with technology, and innovative.

The value proposition of a service provider is also enhanced by Ermeo, the solution that ensures a high quality of service on the reports to be sent to the agents: automatic sending for optimal timing, customisation of the format to suit the client's systems, etc.

In addition, Ermeo can enable service providers to offer more competitive rates thanks to the benefits they themselves derive from the solution in terms of improved operating costs (as described above).

Ensure the renewal of your contracts

A maintenance or operating contract can run for between 3 and 7 years... And during this time, a service provider may encounter problems that impact on its quality of service or its performance obligation. There may be many reasons for this...

The Ermeo solution allows such a service provider to upgrade its operations and therefore improve the execution of its mandate. This is especially true since they already have a thorough knowledge of their client: they can therefore quickly optimise the configuration and use of Ermeo to meet the specific needs of their agent. This will ensure that the contract is not lost!

Without necessarily reaching this point, Ermeo also allows service providers to build loyalty with their clients throughout their collaboration thanks to its analysis tools. The service providers can thus suggest to their clients areas of improvement for their investments in the fleet for which they are responsible (for example on the model described above). And why not win new mandates as a result of these suggestions?

In this sense, see the Testimony of Essemes Servicesspecialising in the installation and maintenance of fire safety systems:
Equipment tracking management

Increase your margin on your contracts

Depending on the type of contract with their clients, service providers can increase their margin on their mandate.

Let's take the case of a contract with a commitment to results: thanks to the gains made possible by Ermeo, a service provider can very well finish a project earlier than planned, and therefore save on the costs of intervention attributable to the working days saved.
Similarly, in the context of a contract without an obligation to provide human resources, a service provider can reduce the number of personnel mobilised thanks to the optimisation of operational processes made possible by Ermeo, without impacting on its obligation to deliver results. And therefore increase its margin!

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Morgane NERET Head of Marketing