Managing 5S audits with Ermeo

5S Ermeo

The 5S audit is a checklist for assessing the organisational optimisation of a factory or office. The procedure is a must for companies that want to improve the working environment and ensure that work is done efficiently and safely. 

The 5S audit is a proven method for making continuous improvements in the organisation from a LEAN perspective. 

And it is precisely in this LEAN perspective that Ermeo is involved.

What is the 5S method?

The 5S method was devised in Toyota factories. It is mainly about putting each part or tool in its place and keeping work areas clean and organised. The abbreviation 5S refers to five Japanese words that describe a five-step process for organising workshops or offices in a rational way to ensure efficient and safe work.

These five terms are all action verbs:


Seiri means "to clear". It could also be translated as de-cluttering. It means keeping only the essentials and eliminating anything superfluous from the working environment. Items that are only used occasionally are put away.


Seiton refers precisely to the need to tidy up. The aim of this second stage is to organise the workspace, giving each element a specific place, always the same. This location must be efficient, functional and easy to access.


Seiso calls for a clean workspace. Companies should ensure a clean environment by organising regular cleaning. This will make the environment in which employees work healthier and more pleasant.


Seiketsu is a verb meaning "to order". The aim of this fourth step is to integrate the previous steps into a work routine. Preventive maintenance of the workstation is scheduled.


Shitsuke refers to the traditional Japanese way of life. It is about being rigorous and this is what makes the method work. In order to achieve this, the list of requirements resulting from the 5S method must be integrated into the work routine of both managers and employees.

It is at the last stage, shitsuke, that the 5S audit comes into play.

Why use a 5S audit application?

5S audits should not become time-consuming! That would be the opposite of the desired result. That's why it's a good idea to rely on a digital solution, such as the one offered by the Ermeo platform. You will be able to enter the audit data more easily, you will be able to carry out an analysis directly to highlight the points to be improved and the procedures to be implemented. You will also be able to easily communicate the list of quality controls to your team members, whether they are responsible for inventory, cleaning, repair or maintenance, or employee safety. Finally, using a digital application allows you to measure improvements over time.

The Ermeo application assists companies in the implementation of their 5S audit strategy. It allows them to adopt a more systematic and organised approach. Capturing, sharing and generating reports is made much easier. In other words, the Ermeo platform helps you to improve productivity, reduce wasted time, optimise inventories and reduce the risk of accidents.

The Ermeo application is specially designed to facilitate the digitisation of forms and this is what makes it the tool of choice for companies that want to implement the 5S strategy for process improvement and organisational optimisation.


Morgane NERET Head of Marketing