Equipment inspection

Equipment Inspections

The inspection of equipment presents different challenges:

According to the regulations, a company is obliged to carry out or have carried out periodic audits on a large part of its equipment.

This audit starts at the installation phase, then when the equipment is in operation and finally when it is disconnected and put into storage. The objective for the legislator is to guarantee the safety of the site and its employees.

  • Assess the compliance or continued compliance of equipment,
  • Check that safety and protection regulations have been observed during all stages (installation, commissioning or use).
  • Carry out diagnostics and measurements

What is Ermeo's added value?

To optimise your equipment inspection tasks, digitalisation is one of the best solutions.

Ermeo allows you to save a lot of time on interventions by allowing you to create personalized and intelligent forms. These intelligent forms allow you toavoid data entry errors and thus make the data collected in the field more reliable.

The automatic generation of reports reduces the administrative work of technicians. This usually saves our customers more than an hour per day. There is a virtual elimination ofpaper documents used for operational tasks, which reduces printing costs and paper purchases.

Notifications are automated by email, which speeds up the process and reduces management effort and costs. It also allows for greater responsiveness and shortens the time it takes for the customer to receive the overall inspection report.

Also the Ermeo tool allows an optimization of costs and deadlines:

The time taken to enter data with the tablet is faster, which represents a productivity gain of around 4% compared to handwritten data entry.

Planning tasks are also simplified with Ermeo and this also generates 5% productivity.

Overall, Ermeo allows for a productivity of more than 20% over the entire inspection process.

Thanks to the Ermeo tool, the missions are completed within the planned deadlines.

The data collected is more reliable:

  • High quality reports are generated automatically (including operator comments, annotated photos and job duration).
  • Errors related to the rewriting of data are avoided and the mandatory fields of the form prevent any loss of data. This makes it possible to have a perfect traceability of all the actions carried out by the operator.

Thanks to Ermeo, a database can be extracted to analyse the data and establish dashboards to manage the activity. The reports can be downloaded in different formats (Word, Excel, PDF).

How's it going with Ermeo?

Your field operators will be able to inspect equipment easily in the field using pre-prepared forms in the editing studio.

Ermeo's publishing studio

The forms are uniform
and standardisedThe forms are uniform and standardised, making equipment inspection more fluid and easier for operators in the field.

On the pre-filled form you will find several pieces of information:

The location of the equipment, a photo of the equipment, serial number, make, date of commissioning, and other information of your choice.

Once the information has been entered by the field operator, he clicks on "send" and the equipment inspection form is accessible on the platform. All information is automatically transferred to the platform in databases. The supervisor can also receive the report or an email notification.

Equipment inspection
The Ermeo mobile application

Ermeo saves you time, quality and money. Inspections are 20% more efficient. Ermeo also allows the operator to focus on his core business. His work is simplified and he has a more user-friendly and ergonomic tool.

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