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Equipment tracking management

For almost 30 years, ESSEMES Services has established itself as a key player in the installation and maintenance maintenance of fire safety systems, and thus aims to optimise the management of equipment monitoring. For example, they install and check natural or mechanical smoke extraction systems, emergency lighting and fire doors.

The company is organized in several regional branches and manages more than 2,000 customers every year. More than 20,000 sites are checked each year by ESSEMES Services teams: industrial sites, ERP or even collective housing. So many places to which the group brings its expertise in terms of security.

ESSEMES Services meets the regulatory requirements for fire prevention and protection throughout France. This is why the company is APSAD certified by the CNPP since 2003.

In this article you will find :

1. ESSEMES Services in figures
2. The challenges of the installation and maintenance business
3. Problems prior to the implementation of Ermeo
4. The benefits of the Ermeo solution
5. What are the benefits for ESSEMES Services since the deployment of Ermeo?

1. SEEDS Services in a few figures

  • 110 operators using Ermeo every day in the field
  • 32,000+ equipments referenced each year
  • 9,000+ reports generated per year

2. Challenges related to the installation and maintenance business

At the end of each intervention, the operators responsible for the installation and/or maintenance of the fire safety systems must provide the client with a detailed report on the content of their service.

Although time-consuming and complex, this is a critical step for installation and maintenance professionals such as ESSEMES Services, which must be carried out during the installation and management of equipment monitoring because it is a regulatory contractual commitment between the two parties. This document certifies that the installations have been carried out in accordance with the initial specifications, while also specifying their operating condition.

3. Problemsbefore Ermeo's implementation

During their installation and/or maintenance interventions, the field operators used exclusively paper media to record the information associated with the fire safety systems:

  • Reference of the installed product and/or control
  • Location within the building
  • Date of commissioning of the equipment
  • List of self-checks performed,
  • State of operation
  • Details of any work to be planned

All these paper forms then had to be consolidated into a single document in a tedious process that wasted a lot of time for teams and management.

In order to ensure that there were no errors in the data entered, it was necessary to carry out several proofreadings and checks. So much time was wasted on low value-added tasks for the ESSEMES Services teams.

In the event of input errors or missing data, a new intervention had to be scheduled at the customer's site, resulting in a loss of time and additional financial costs.

Moreover, the use of paper forms made it very difficult to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the building stock. A tedious work to accompany the partners of ESSEMES Services because of the complexity to centralize and manage the data associated with the interventions.

It was therefore crucial to digitize these time-consuming business processes and turn these issues into business benefits.

4. Thebenefits of the Ermeo solution

It is in this context that we were asked by ESSEMES Services to implement the Ermeo solution throughout their installation and maintenance activities and to improve the management of equipment monitoring.

Since then, the interventions carried out at their customers' sites are listed in digital forms that can be completely configured from the Ermeo web application, the Studio. The company's technicians can now collaborate with each other and with customers to configure, complete or adapt the forms according to operational needs.

4.1 Presentation of the Ermeo solution

Ermeo is a web and mobile solution that allows manufacturers and service companies in all sectors to replace paper use and low value-added tasks that slow down and complicate the daily life of field operators, by digitising all types of operations and documents.

From the creation of digital forms to automated reporting, including intervention planning and data collection in the field, operators are perfectly guided at every stage of their interventions via the Ermeo web and mobile solution.

4.2 During the intervention phase

The business forms available on Ermeo's mobile application make it easy to reference or maintain all of a building's security systems.

An operator can select the site he is on in an associated form. Several fields are automatically pre-filled saving him time. These can be the site address, the type of building or the assets present. All this information is available in the database and is useful in the field.

The second point of improvement is the ability to recognize equipment. Upon arrival in the field, the operator simply scans the barcode or QR Code on the security system to be referenced or maintained. Then, he can easily complete the few necessary pieces of information, for example :

  • The reference of the product concerned,
  • His location,
  • Its operating condition,
  • A photo of the product to show its condition.

The predefined field formats and limit values integrated into the forms when they are created help to eliminate input errors while homogenizing practices between operators.

"Thanks to Ermeo, field operators save a lot of time every day. On the one hand, because most of the information is displayed directly in the digital forms. On the other hand, because reports are automatically generated at the end of the interventions. - Sylvain Belloir, Director of Operations

4.3 Once the intervention is completed

After the inspection is completed by the operator, a report is automatically generated via Ermeo and sent to his supervisor for verification. At the same time, the equipment is automatically added, or updated, in the database.

At any time, the supervisor can access the various reports of completed interventions. If necessary, he can also aggregate them and export them in the format imposed by the client. Thanks to our solution, it is indeed possible to integrate customized templates that respect the framework and graphic charter of a particular client.

Thanks to these reports, ESSEMES' customers benefit from better management and monitoring of equipment as well as a view of the state of their safety equipment fleets. This allows them to better prioritise investments or requests for intervention in the event of identified non-compliance.

5. What are the benefits for ESSEMES Services since the deployment of Ermeo?

  1. A better level of maintenance services: Information on installed equipment is now perfectly referenced in the database and is more easily accessible during maintenance interventions. The application also offers the ability to reference in a short period of time the equipment of a new site to manage its maintenance.
  2. Facilitate the work of agents in the field: They no longer need to complete their end of intervention reports manually (creation is automated), or to intervene several times on the same site following data entry errors or data loss.
  3. Considerable time saving: This time saving results in greater responsiveness to customers and therefore a better experience. It also offers the possibility for ESSEMES Services to invoice its services more quickly and for customers to start operating their sites without further delay, or to be in compliance within the framework of maintenance of existing equipment.
  4. Competitive advantage: Last but not least, the last but not least, being able to provide their customers with a complete and totally up-to-date view of the state of their equipment fleet at any time. A real competitive advantage when it comes to calls for tender.

"Nowadays, a customer has so much equipment that he no longer knows exactly what his fleet is made up of. Thanks to Ermeo, we now have a 360-degree view of each piece of equipment (characteristics, history of interventions and data collected...) and a complete view of each of our customers' fleets. " Sylvain Belloir

Pierre Joly CEO Pierre Joly, CEO of Ermeo