Collect and manage your field data with Ermeo

With Ermeo, save more than 20% of your time during your interventions, particularly by eliminating reporting.

Optimise the collection and management of data collected during interventions.

Real time update

Your repositories and databases are updated in real time at the end of each intervention.
Reference unlisted equipment directly from the field.

Automated reporting

At the end of each intervention, a personalised report is automatically generated and sent to the team leader and, if necessary, to your customers or service providers.

Improve the quality of your deliverables by avoiding re-keying errors and standardising their presentation.

Full traceability of information

Record in real time all data collected in the field in your repositories and databases.
Benefit from a 360° view for optimal monitoring.

Collaborate with others

Whether between your teams or partners, collaborate in real time with several people during the execution of an intervention, while controlling the validation status of your reports.

Discover the functionalities of the Ermeo Solution