Manage your teams, field operations and equipment

From the Web Platform, the team leader can manage his resources (teams, equipment, etc.) in order to optimise investments.

For the Team Leader

Ermeo offers a 360° view in real time to better manage your resources.

Analyze all collected data

With the Ermeo dashboard:

Monitor the progress of interventions and the meeting of deadlines.
Optimise your investments and prioritise activities.
Identify training or procedure optimisation needs and monitor the achievement of your performance objectives.

Automatically fill in data on several pieces of equipment

Plan a preventive maintenance tour of one or more linear segments and carry out the intervention on these same linear segments.

Plan interventions

Plan your activities in a few clicks by allocating the right intervention to the right technician and on the right equipment.

Master the rules for managing user access and data management

Give your users access to only the information they need.